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Vert Stock vertical jump training

March 7, 2017

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Welcome to Vert Shock vertical jump training review, the Vertical jump is considered one of the bases of strength, agility, and muscle power. Many professional athletes, not just in sports that need leaping ability, hone their vertical jumping ability to further enhance their skills in their chosen sport. Although it is greatly important in sports that require leaping skill like basketball, high-jump, volleyball, or badminton, a good vertical jump is equally important to all other sports as well. Coaches and athletes look at the player’s vertical jump and can tell right away how explosive the athletes is. Vertical jump test is not only used to gauge an athlete’s prowess, it can also be used to evaluate a person’s condition of recovery before engaging in a practice session, and speed and weight-training. So numerous, if not all athletes, professional or otherwise, trains accordingly in order to achieve the highest vertical jumping ability. The simple truth is; vertical jump is normally employed as a performance test to assess and improve, if needed, their athletic ability and at the same time, determine the limit of their capabilities, their weaknesses, and strengths, and evaluate their training program’s effectiveness.


What is Vert Shock vertical jump training?

Vert Shock, developed by Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, is a breakthrough vertical jump training system that helps athletes perfect their vertical jumping ability.Vert Shock vertical jump training is designed for athletes, professional or amateur, who want to enhance their leaping ability. The Vert Shock vertical jump training program guarantees that your vertical jump will be increased by at least 9-15 inches in the span of just eight weeks. According to Folker and Darlington, Vert Shock vertical jump training employs advanced exercises which are covered in the program’s 3 fundamental stages, and these are:

Phase 1: Pre-shock – This happens during the first week of the program and is considered as the Vert Shock vertical jump training program’s encouragement stage. It is designed to prepare your body for the training up ahead and in this phase, it is possible to increase your vertical jump by 3-5 inches higher.

Phase 2: Shock – This is the Vert Shock vertical jump training program’s primary phase and lasts for about 6 weeks. In this phase, the shock to your central nervous system will stimulate your body’s ability to jump as high as possible.

Phase 3: Post-shock – This is the last phase of the Vert Shock vertical jump training program and spans for about 1 week. In this phase, training your muscles to be accustomed and retain the skills that you have learned during the entire program. This will ensure an optimum performance in your vertical jumping capabilities.


Vert Shock vertical jump training Fact Sheet

Official Website:

Author name: Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington

Product format: Pdf, ebook

Download link:

Vert Shock vertical jump training program

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The Pros and Cons of Vert Shock vertical jump training program

Vert Shock vertical jump training is backed by scientific research and based on proven principles, Vert Shock vertical jump training promises to give you the tips for explosive power for take-off you typically see among pro athletes


Vert Shock ensures a safe, free from injuries and overtraining program and teaches you the skill to significantly increase your lateral speed.


Vert Shock employs easy-to-follow step by step instructions aimed at making you more dominant in the court


Vert Shock works on all aspects of vertical jumping, thus producing faster results.


Vert Shock guarantees to add as much as 15 inches to your vertical jump, with Vert Shock vertical jump training, you do not need heavy weight lifting exercise and it does not affect your growth


Vert Shock is ideal for both experts and beginners alike and the with Vert Shock vertical jump training program comes with robust members only online and app platform where you can easily be guided by the creators of the program as well as share tips with fellow users.

Cons of Vert Shock vertical jump training program

In order to reap the rewards, it requires dedication and commitment to follow the step by step instructions given. This is not Vert Shock vertical jump training program, most spot activities require a commitment to perfection anyway.

What Will You Get When You Get Vert Shock

Quick Start Guide

Pre-Shock Phase Workout Plan

Shock Phase Workout Plan

Post-Shock Phase Workout Plan

Step by Step Exercise Videos

Vert Tracker

Bonuses include:

4 Vertical Jump Killers

5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher

Weekly Check-ins

Jumper’s Diet Checklist

Conclusion and users feedback on Vert Shock vertical jump training program

            Overall, the Vert Shock vertical jump training program is one of the best vertical jump training systems in the market today. Vert shock vertical jump training principles are based on years of extensive scientific research and the training programs are proven to be effective. Medical conditions aside, Vert Shock vertical jump training program is ideal for everyone who wants to improve their vertical jump. What’s more, unlike similar programs, Vert Shock vertical jump training program provides easy to follow step by step instructions that even the most inexperienced jumper will find it easy to apply. 


Below are what some of the users of Vert Shock vertical jump training program;


“I went from sitting on the bench and barely being able to dunk – to averaging multiple dunks per game, becoming a starter, and winning the state championship!”


“The results are amazing. Vert Shock helped me make a Professional roster.”

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