Financial Disclaimer

February 15, 2013 February 14th, 2013

We are proud to be affiliates for most of the products we review on As an affiliate, we will generally make a commission off any sale that is completed using any of our affiliate links. Most of the products we promote on this site are sold through an online digital products vendor called Clickbank. When you are transferred to an order form for a product you wish to buy, the order form is processed through the secure Clickbank order form to protect your information.
Even though we are affiliates for the products we review on this site, we try our best to provide you with an independent and accurate review of these products. This is why you might see negative reviews as well as positive reviews on our site. We try to establish as a website that is a reliable database of product performance information. We allow comments on all our reviews so you can see feedback from real users of products we have reviewed. If you do purchase a product on our review site through any of our affiliate links, you will not be charged a higher price than the product costs in the first place.
Please be aware that shall not be held responsible for any of the information gotten on this website. In a nutshell, we advise that visitors due diligence on the products website before purchase is welcome.

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